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Transform Data Into Strategic Decisions.

We create software that helps teams and decision-makers understand and predict the movement of objects. By collaborating with researchers and using artificial intelligence, we simplify complex choices.

Empowering Insightful Decisions with Data

We redefine business data interaction, turning complex data challenges into strategic advantages. Our scalable data management and analytics solutions enhance your tech and solve integration and analysis delays with advanced algorithms and research for faster, insightful analysis.

This boosts decision-makers and analysts' efficiency, fosters team collaboration, and secures industry competitiveness, empowering your analytics team to focus on generating valuable insights rather than struggling with data complexity.
With Moving Data Insights, your team moves beyond mere data handling to generating impactful, nuanced insights, making movement data not just accessible, but a cornerstone of strategic decision-making.

Secure, Competitive Edge Technology

Stay ahead of the competition with our state-of-the-art data management and AI platforms, ensuring your data's security while enhancing your market position.

Advanced Analytics for Immediate Insights

Leverage our proprietary AI to analyze data 10x faster, transforming massive datasets into actionable insights with unmatched precision and control.

Real-Time Data Integration

Seamlessly merge complex spatiotemporal data into your systems, reducing development time and clearing backlog with our efficient, scalable solutions.

Strategic Decision Empowerment

Empower your team to make informed decisions swiftly, using our deep-dive analyses and predictive modeling to drive innovation and business growth.

Accelerated Innovation.
Total Control.

Moving Data Insights, established in 2023 by leading scientists, now stands as a key player in mobility data analysis, transforming complex data into actionable insights. Our expertise in bespoke data management, analytics, and technology enhancement caters to unique organizational challenges.

We're grounded in open-source innovation, contributing to communities like the Open Geospatial Consortium, PostGIS, and Postgres, ensuring our digital tools lead in technological advancement. Through workshops and community engagement, we empower organizations to leverage AI-driven insights for optimized object movement.


Our portfolio includes transformative projects like for urban planning, enhancing public transport efficiency, wildlife management, and optimizing traffic systems. 


With Moving Data Insights, you gain a pioneering partner dedicated to elevating your data analysis capabilities, ensuring your team can focus on generating impactful insights and driving your business forward.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Research Publications


Faster Analysis


Lossless Compression

Are You Ready to Transform Your Business Intelligence?

Unlock the full potential of your moving object tracking using cutting-edge data management and AI.

Our Partners

Open Geospatial Consortium logo, leading global forum for spatial data standards in analytics.
Logo of Free University of Brussels - ULB, research institution for our co-founders in spatiotemporal data analytics.
Noord Brabant logo, Dutch provincial government supporter of data analytics startups.
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